Each Living Spirit Yoga All Levels class consists of a moderately paced flowing sequence of asana that makes anatomical sense, leaving the practitioner feeling balanced, centered and rejuvenated.  Unique poses or variations of familiar poses are offered in each class. Some previous yoga experience recommended.  

Nathan’s yoga classes are my favorite ever. His intuitive flow means it’s never the same class twice and it’s remarkable how often it’s the exact class I needed that day. Love this guy. He is authentic, vulnerable, and totally puts you at ease in class.

Wendy G., business consultant 

Time flies in Nathan’s classes.  I love his style and enthusiasm for yoga.  He offers a fresh take on a lot of poses and introduces new ones I have never seen before.

Jake M., massage therapist

Drop in any time! (Note: this is the only class available on a drop-in basis)   

“Nathan does a wonderful job of teaching yoga.  He begins each class with simple basic movements that anyone can do and then builds in intensity and challenge through the class.  A great way to learn and go deeper.” 

Kathy L, social worker

“I honestly have never experienced a teaching style like Nathan’s.  His classes are not only inspiring, but he helps us all to believe that we are completely capable as well…I feel such love and comfort in his presence.” 

Maricelle C., student