Suitable for aspiring teachers, existing teachers seeking a more refined level of expertise, and dedicated students simply looking for a deep yoga experience. Graduates of the training are eligible to become registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level (RYT 200).  

This training was par excellence!  The asana teaching was like none other.  [Nathan’s] deep reverence for the practice came shining through.  The way he taught us the alignment principles, the breathing, and the deeper essence of each pose was clear learning and teaching from the inside out.  I fully appreciated the focus on breathing, on philosophy, loved the readings, the meditations, learning to move authentically, the partner work, the authentic communication exercises, and the safe environment he created for each of us to practice teach.  The class atmosphere had quietness and calmness to it, yet always a joyful, fun aspect as well.

Loren K, lawyer

My yoga teaching has grown in leaps and bounds because of this program.  I feel much more confident as a teacher, more creative, more and more like I am offering the whole of yoga.  Thank you for everything!

Erin J., yoga studio owner

To learn more about this transformative program,  see the Course Syllabus (link to Course Syllabus page) and download the application. (link to pdf file)

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Each Living Spirit Yoga All Levels class consists of a moderately paced flowing sequence of asana that makes anatomical sense, leaving the practitioner feeling balanced, centered and rejuvenated.  Unique poses or variations of familiar poses are offered in each class. Some previous yoga experience recommended.  

Nathan’s yoga classes are my favorite ever. His intuitive flow means it’s never the same class twice and it’s remarkable how often it’s the exact class I needed that day. Love this guy. He is authentic, vulnerable, and totally puts you at ease in class.

Wendy G., business consultant 

Time flies in Nathan’s classes.  I love his style and enthusiasm for yoga.  He offers a fresh take on a lot of poses and introduces new ones I have never seen before.

Jake M., massage therapist

Drop in any time! (Note: this is the only class available on a drop-in basis)   

“Nathan does a wonderful job of teaching yoga.  He begins each class with simple basic movements that anyone can do and then builds in intensity and challenge through the class.  A great way to learn and go deeper.” 

Kathy L, social worker

“I honestly have never experienced a teaching style like Nathan’s.  His classes are not only inspiring, but he helps us all to believe that we are completely capable as well…I feel such love and comfort in his presence.” 

Maricelle C., student

Nathan’s teaching style is outstanding. People of all abilities and levels appear inspired and very much at ease at the same time.

Alice S, School Administrator